Durva Consulting

We provide high quality, flexible and scalable custom software solutions that boost profitability and efficiencies.
Our clients include fast growing and award winning small and mid-size companies in a variety of industries.
We build it right and build it to last.

Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 2002, Durva Consulting was started to develop custom software for small and medium sized businesses experiencing rapid growth and managing change on a daily basis. The need was for robust software applications that could smoothly run their day to day operations as well as be scalable to accommodate their growing breadth of product/service offerings and customer bases. We have worked with several clients for years now. Clients whose businesses have grown hand in hand with the custom applications we have designed for them to run their operations on. Durva takes great pride in being an integral part of that growth. We take the most pride in working closely with every client today just as we did when we first started, to understand their goals, needs, and expectations. We go to great lengths also to understand their business and industry, as well as their individual business model in order to create a tailor made product that works best given their unique challenges.

Durva remains committed to creating, maintaining and altering the custom software that we craft for our clients. Together we work to serve their needs as their needs change and help them achieve maximum growth, profit and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Durva remains committed to delivering products that are elegant both in look and function, seamless as well as uncluttered in appearance and usability. These aspects have over the years become the signature of every custom application Durva signs off on.



Web Applications

We develop on-prem and cloud based custom web applications using Microsoft technologies including C#, asp.NET, CSS, HTML, Javascript, jquery, MVC and others.


Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps that work on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Our apps offer offline capabilities and other tools to a mobile workforce.


Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence offering provides meaningful analytics, dashboards and reporting to our clients using leading industry tools.




Our customers in this space include companies providing finance and insurance products, dealers, companies managing insurance claims, and others. Our customers enjoy working with us because we understand their business needs and challenges.



Our expertise in this space is in logistics, inventory tracking, routing, availability tracking, field services applications, quote management, project management and execution, invoicing, general insurance and other aspects of service companies.


Health Care

Our expertise in this space is in practice management, electronic claims processing, and electronic medical records (EMR). We are aware of the business challenges and needs of the healthcare industry such as compliance, and can provide tailored software solutions to address these challenges.


Amol Oak

Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect

Amol has been developing software for over 22 years. He started Durva Consulting in order to create effective niche software for small and mid sized companies, looking to better serve their growing markets and customer base. Amol was able to provide each of them with tailored solutions by working closely with them and understanding their needs. With this continued commitment to excellence, Amol has grown Durva Consulting from a fledgling software house to a respected firm handling several client projects of various sizes. Clients seek Amol and Durva Consulting because they know they can expect to receive a certain level of attention to detail from him and the company. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science.

Ranjini Iyer


Ranjini works closely with the Principals to carve out overall strategy and direction for Durva Consulting. She has worked with and run several small businesses. She has degrees in Engineering and Business Administration.

Narayan G.


Narayan has been developing software for over 18 years. He leads our team of software developers to develop custom solutions for our clients. Narayan's knowledge of software technologies and ability to manage teams ensures successful delivery of complex software solutions.

Ravi Iyer


Ravi has worked in business applications consulting for over 15 years. He has worked closely with medium and large sized companies in a variety of industries to develop custom solutions. He brings this strong body of experience to Durva Consulting to help the company forge new avenues as it continues on its path of high growth. Ravi has degrees in Engineering and Business Administration.


Senior Software Developer

In this position, you will have a lead role in the design, development, testing, deployment and support of our custom software applications. You will review customer software requirements, and perform software analysis, development, testing and maintenance activities.

Software Developer

In this position, you will have a key role in the design, development, testing, deployment and support of our custom software applications. You will review customer software requirements, and perform software analysis, development, testing and maintenance activities.

QA Specialist

In this position, you will be responsible for developing and executing comprehensive software test plans, developing and performing manual and automated tests to verify functionality, data integrity, security, and overall usability. You should have some background with software development technologies, and be able to work closely with Software Developers.

SQL Specialist

In this position, you will be working as part of the larger development team specifically focused on the data platform aspects of various projects. You will be supporting software developers with the full implementation lifecycle from technology selection, prototyping, development, and release.

Project Manager

In this position, you will manage multiple application development and enhancement projects from inception through completion. You will manage project resources and resource plan, identifying and resolving scheduling conflicts and dependencies.


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